All 3Fs

Financial Security without the Busyness

Replace feast & famine with reliable income

Replace "busyness" with certainty and security

Identify your priority to achieve to security

The 3Fs

We all have a business for the same reasons

Financial Security

because "money worries" are stressful


because it's better than a job-in-disguise


which gives meaning to work you do and life you lead

When you run a service business . . .

... you know people will ask you ... "How's business?"

And you know how to answer: "Good thanks - busy!"

Isn't it curious how we use "busyness" as a measure of success?

And isn't it frustrating when the result is feast & famine rather than financial security?

The purpose of your business isn't "to keep you busy"

It's to give you all 3Fs

Do YOU have all 3Fs?

If not, let's work out what's missing, why it matters and how to fix it. 
This is our specialism, our track record and our mission

The Current Problem

The Busyness Delusion

It shows up in many ways.
It holds you back.
Yet it feels "right"

Here's Simon's and Victor's stories, 
so you can learn
from their experience

You may recognise them.

The Ideal Result

All 3Fs

It's so much more than
"I quite enjoy my work and
I can take a day off if I want"

Here's what Financial Security, Freedom and Fulfilment
really mean

What if it was like this for you ...?

The  Solution

​​​​The Rig​ht Sequence

Without Financial Security
real Freedom is a pipedream
Security is first priority

Here's how to to have Financial Security in 6 - 12 months
more easily than you think

This is what we guarantee

It all starts with knowing where you are right now

Take the assessment to work out exactly where you are on the 3Fs spectrum, and where you're best to focus first

Gets you Financial Security and more

Here's who and why we help


run one of these?

  • Professional services 
  • Business services
  • Creative services
  • Personal services
  • ... they've ALL followed the method to achieve Financial Security


​​​​meet chris -
master mentor

​Strategic Mentors co-founder and creator of the 3Fs programs, Chris Gardener has mentored 100s of businesses to create their Financial Security, Freedom and Fulfilment.

Chris Gardener


why we do this work

Over 95% of businesses are really a 
"job in disguise".

By helping people break free of the job-in-disguise and have all 3Fs it changes their lives.

They then get to make their contribution, to make their impact and change others' lives.

We have our own project ... we invite all with 3Fs to develop their own.

It all starts with knowing what priority will have greatest impact

Take the test to identify where you are on the 3Fs spectrum.
It's time to get rid of the feast & famine for good.