The Big Idea

The story behind the Busyness Delusion and the 3Fs

Meet Chris


Chris Gardener is co-founder of Strategic Mentors, and the originator of the core principles of the Busyness Delusion and the 3Fs.

He’s a heart-centred and purpose-driven entrepreneur, whose mission is to help owners turn their businesses into “3F” businesses so that they go on to create a significant positive impact in the world.

If you cut Chris through the middle like a stick of rock, you’d see “teacher”. He’s been coaching and mentoring people for over 25 years, backed by pragmatic experience in professional practice, commercial corporate and leadership positions, and running his own businesses.

“One of my greatest joys is to see people get a new level of financial security which opens their mind to the realisation that so much more is possible. Then, quickly, they move forward into a life that is exactly what they truly want it to be. That, I believe, is the real purpose of having a business – to create an extraordinary life on your own terms. A life of purpose, integrity, love and legacy.” Chris Gardener

A number of years after “breaking free” from the employed life, he’d built a lucrative and stimulating consultancy practice. The focus was money, both for clients and for Chris.

Then everything changed.

His wife was diagnosed with an incurable brain tumour, and suddenly it was crystal clear what really matters in life.

Love. Connection. Significance.

Whilst they are what matter most, it’s still necessary to have enough money to live … actually to enjoy living.

Sadly, for so many people, the chase for money somehow becomes the most important thing.

Achieving financial security is actually easier than many people realise. Their direct personal experience often suggest the opposite, and that’s what Chris’s work, the Programs available here and the 3F Network community all help to transform.

The Mission

Our aim is to help 1000 business owners to achieve their personal 3Fs – to have Financial Security, Freedom and Fulfilment.

And by achieving those personal ambitions they are invited to create their own legacy by creating their own positive influence and social impact so lives are improved.

“It’s so easy to follow the herd, focusing mainly on your own needs. Scarcity and fear create a pattern of thinking that simply doesn’t serve you. And yet, when you wake up to the reality that focusing on helping others creates more opportunities and more success, life becomes a whole lot easier, and much more rewarding in every sense.” Chris Gardener

Part of this mission is in collaboration with GIFT (Global Investment Foundation for Tomorrow), a US-based organisation with its own big mission – to impact a billion people and to increase philanthropy by a new $1billion. Strategic Mentors is leading the UK-business arm of this major project.

And if you have a business, you’re invited to be part of this movement.


Transform your results, your business and your life. Make your impact.


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