The 3Fs Network

A network of inspirational and aspirational entrepreneurs who are growing Living Businesses* and making an impact.



A Living Business creates Financial Security, Freedom and Fulfilment.

The purpose of the 3Fs Network is to be a community of up to 1000 businesses who, using our proprietary method – The Living Business Protocol – break through their “million barrier” to create all 3Fs and create their own legacy impact.

“This is the most extraordinary time to be alive. There is no shortage of opportunities to create Living Businesses and have a life of Financial Security, Freedom and Fulfilment.”

If you are an entrepreneur or business owner who wants more than just bigger businesses, you are invited. If you want all 3Fs and are inspired by the idea of making an impact and creating their own legacy, you’ll be in good company.

You don’t need to dive in at the deep end – there’s an invitation that’s right for you.

You can join the 3Fs Network at one of 3 levels: Friend, Subscriber or Client.

Join as a Friend if you’re thinking, “I’d like to find out more, be involved, but don’t want to commit to anything just yet.”

It’s free to join at this level. You’ll be welcomed and encouraged to show up in the online group.  You’ll see what others are doing. Find out what they’re asking. It’s the easiest way to get started.

You’ll learn how to implement the Living Business Protocol in your own business. You’ll see what other Friends and Members are doing and achieving. You’re able to have discussions with Friends and Members to get motivation and insights how to take your business to the next level.

And we fund a whole month’s education funding for a girl in Uganda for every new Friend who joins. That’s the start of your impact legacy.

As well as welcoming you into the Group we’ll also send you a self-assessment tool you can complete – discover your personal priorities so you can start your own route to Financial Security, Freedom and Fulfilment.

Join as a Subscriber if you’re thinking, “I’m serious about stepping up, but I’m uncertain about significant financial investment right now.”

Subscription is just £59 per month. You’ll have access to a private Members-only online group, where your peers support and drive each other to create the changes needed to reach the 1st F (Financial Security).

Subscribers have access to live online training, with recordings available in the Membership area of this website. You’ll also have personal online support from mentors to help with implementation not just information.

Membership has a direct impact. For every month you are subscribe, we fund a month’s education for one of the Gift of a Future girls in Uganda. Your Membership helps to break a cycle of poverty in a single generation.

As well as welcoming you into Membership we’ll also send you a self-assessment tool you can complete – discover your personal priorities so you can start your own route to Financial Security,  Freedom and Fulfilment.

An extra bonus – you’ll receive the interactive tool that sets out precisely how you can reach the 1st F (Financial Security). This sets you on your own path, giving you the most certain, shortest and safest route to reach that 1st F.

Join as a Client if you’re thinking, “I am ready to transform my business and life. I’m in. I want personal help to ensure I achieve all 3Fs.

You can enrol as a Client into one of our two Signature Programs. The choice is natural and depends on your situation right now. You’ll be guided through the sequence from the 1st F (Financial Security) through to all 3Fs (Financial Security, Freedom and Fulfilment).

You’ll join your fellow clients in a client-only online group, and have all the materials, tools and personal support to implement our proprietary process, the Living Business Protocol into your business as rapidly, safely and effectively as possible.

When you commit to your selected program everything changes. You’ll become a member of an elite client peer group who are all working to the same outcome as you. There is momentum and power in belonging to such a group.

You’ll have dedicated and personal attention from a Strategic Mentor to ensure clarity, direction, focus and support to achieve your personal ambitions.

If you want a transformed business, a life fully lived and an inspirational legacy, we invite you to explore our programs and encourage you to commit to your own future.


Transform your results, your business and your life. Make your impact.


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