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Specially designed for service businesses . . . 

Although our programs can work with "product" businesses, the biggest and quickest results happen for those offering "services".

The main problem faced by service businesses is the owners are working too hard, not having time to think, trapped in Type 1 Busyness Delusion, not being able to package and promote an offer which hits the market in exactly the right way.

Our programs make sure you hit the mark and achieve all 3Fs, starting with financial security.

Every month, more business types are joining these programs . . . if your type is listed below, the programs will deliver their promise.

If your business type is not yet listed below . . . the promise still holds . . . you will achieve financial security in the next 12 months.

Professional Services


Lawyers / solicitors


Business selling agencies

Estate planning firms

Financial advisors

Tax specialists

Business Valuation agencies

Business sales agencies

Business Services

Marketing consultants

HR Consultants

Business coaches

Strategic consultants

PR agencies

Marketing agencies

Social media agencies

Productivity coaches

Health & safety training

Presentation skills training

Creative Services

Graphic design agencies

Web design agencies

Software development firms

Videography agencies

Video marketing agencies





Festival organisers


Personal Services

Personal trainers

Pilates instructors


Confidence coaches

Relationship coaches & therapists

Personal trauma therapists


Reflexologists, Reiki & alternative therapists

Personal coaches

Life coaches

Language teachers & academic tutors

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