What are the 3Fs

What are the 3Fs?

The reason you have your business

The path to an extraordinary business and life

Discover your priority to achieve to security

As you've seen . . . 

Financial Security

because "money worries" are stressful


because it's better than a job-in-disguise


which gives meaning to work and life

When we ask "Do YOU have all 3Fs?" . . . 

. . . they usually say
"I've got two of them . . . just financial security missing"

Sadly, they don't even have the two they think!

Here's why . . .

They think "Fulfilment" means...

"I quite enjoy my work"

They think "Freedom" means

"I can take tomorrow off work if I choose"

These are not what Freedom and Fulfilment mean . . 

They mean so much more than this

Here's what . . .


What is the very best life you can imagine?

Travelling to far flung beaches? Experiencing amazing views of mountain ranges?

Snuggling up close with the love of your life?

Having your kids tell you how much you mean to them? Seeing them happy in life?

What about being able to make a difference to a friend, a cause, a community?

Evidence that you mattered.

Now imagine attending the funeral of someone you’ve admired and respected for many years. Their loved ones stand up to give a eulogy.

They say, “We’re here today to celebrate the life of Bob … a remarkable man. And what’s amazing is that Bob … quite enjoyed his work and was able to double the size of his business.

Is that what you want people to say when it’s your turn to replace Bob?

This is why Fulfilment is way more than “I quite enjoy my work”.

We run our businesses so we can have a life of Fulfilment.

An extraordinary life.

A life where we mattered.

A life where we made a difference, we made a contribution.

If YOUR business is not yet providing this kind of life … maybe it’s time it did.


What’s your idea of freedom?

“I can take the day off if I want to”?

How about being able to take three months off if you want to?

Do you find yourself working with certain clients who, truth be told, you’d rather you didn’t? You know the ones … they’re always pestering you, they’re never completely happy, they’re always looking for that extra discount.

How about being free enough to decide to NOT work with them in future?

What WE mean by Freedom is more than “taking tomorrow off”.

We mean SIX types of Freedom:

  1. (a) Time: able to choose when to work, and when to do whatever else you love
  2. (b) Client relationships: able to choose who to work with … so you only spend time with those you WANT to spend time with
  3. (c) Money: able to earn however much you want and need, depending only on your desires and not on your time or a constrained market
  4. (d) Location: able to choose where to be (whether for work or play), never tied down to the same old experience, week in, week out
  5. (e) Purpose: able to choose WHY you do what you do – not because “I have to earn money”, instead “because this inspires me”
  6. (f) Health: having the energy and attitude to be able to make all the above choices

Imagine what life would be like with these six freedoms.

A life not living to other people’s constraints … a life entirely on your own terms.

Because you’ve set up your business to make this happen.

If YOUR business isn’t yet set up to allow this to happen … maybe it’s time it was.


You can’t have the Fulfilment described above if you don’t have Financial Security.

You can’t have the Freedom described above if you don’t have Financial Security.


Because choosing where to be, when to travel, who to spend time with, how to make a difference all need financial resources.

So we NEED Financial Security.

What does it mean?

We mean “breathing space”.

That’s all. The ability to breathe, knowing every month, there’s enough money coming in.

Consistently. Reliably. Predictably.

When that’s your reality, there’s no more financial pressure. No more worry.

You can start to make bigger, better plans.

Like turning your business into one that will give you Freedom and Fulfilment too.

However, when you don’t have financial security, money becomes your focus, your priority, maybe your obsession.

When you don’t have enough, you start chasing it, hunting it, often at any price, no matter how long it takes.

The good news …

Achieving financial security (especially with a service business) is much easier than you may realise.

The problem is, most people who struggle to achieve it are going about it in entirely the wrong way.

They’re working much harder than they need to.

They’re getting much weaker results than they need to.

If your business is not yet giving you financial security … maybe it’s time it did.

It all starts with knowing where you are right now

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